Sam & Bill

*comedy music

Sam & Bill pull off the rare feat of writing hilarious jokes AND great songs.
— Schaffer The Darklord
Recently hit #1 in Amazon Comedy and it’s easy to see why. [...] Seriously contagious.
— Phil Stamato, Splitsider

Sam & Bill have been making music since 2009. Originally a tongue-in-cheek cover band, in 2014 they decided to stop being so avant-garde and brilliant, and become sellouts who write their own music. Since then, they've become an overnight success - from performing at NYC's top comedy clubs to winning an audience award at the 5th NY Funny Songs Festival, to their music video I Don’t Know What Sex Is winning an award at the London Worldwide Comedy Short Film Festival, Sam & Bill are doing super awesome.

Sam & Bill released their debut album, Sam & Bill Are Huge on 3/10/17 and it hit #1 seller on Amazon's comedy section! From folk, to doo-wop, to indie rock, to hip hop - Sam & Bill can make mistakes in nearly any genre. They followed up their hit debut with ill-advised Winter Holiday album Christmas In July, and October 2018 are releasing their geeky EP, Sam & Bill’s Geek Friend Experience. They’ve also played many weird gigs like opening for nude art drawing, a wine tasting, and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

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Photos by Jon Asher