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Sam Black, a seasoned voiceover actor of over a decade, has been the voice of brands from Hasbro to MSNBC, and performed in cartoons and video games. Sam is most notable notable for his roles in the franchises of Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh!

In 2018's new Yu-Gi-Oh!  series, Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS, Sam voices a main character, best friend and fan favorite,  Kolter Kusanagi, as well as villain Knight, comedic and adorable Roboppi, as well as many more, unannounced.

In Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc V, Sam played two major recurring villains - the neurotic and amusing Mamoru Noro, and the furious brute Battle Beast.

In Pokémon Sun & Moon, among many other roles, he portrays the gang's Marowak, a fierce and often comedic presence, and one of the main Pokémon.

Sam's voice work has been on Nicktoons, Nick Jr., Disney XD, and more.


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Sam & Bill are award-winning chart-topping comedy musicians from New York City. Their debut album, Sam & Bill Are Huge, reached #1 on Amazon's comedy charts, and spawned two award-winning music videos, and their follow-up EP, Christmas In July, spawned a third video for its title track.

The press has raved about them, with saying, "Sam & Bill recently hit #1 in Amazon Comedy and it’s easy to see why. [...] Seriously contagious.” and nerd-core rap legend Schäffer The Darklord saying, "Sam & Bill pull off the rare feat of writing hilarious jokes AND great songs.”

Their upcoming geek culture focused EP, G.F.E. (Geek Friend Experience), is coming this fall, and is packed full of references to the geek culture world they love so much.

Sam & Bill have performed at cons all over the country, from MAGfest to San Francisco Comic Con to Liberty City Anime Con and more.



Bill Bria is a film and culture writer and actor from Ann Arbor, Michigan who is currently based out of New York City.

As a screen actor, Bill has been in HBO's Boardwalk Empire as well as Netflix's Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, as well as appearances in independent films.

As a writer, Bill Bria is primarily known as a connoisseur of both horror films and cult classics - and the wide margin of the Venn diagram between the two. But far from pigeonholed, Bill writes about all manner of film and culture for sites including Crooked Marquee, Vague Visages, Doom Rocket, and many more.

As a performer and journalist, Bill has also hosted panels and Q&As at conventions in New York City, San Francisco, and Texas.

You can also read his other reviews and articles via Letterbox'd or at his personal website,



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  • Book Sam & Bill for evening and night programming, for a great 18+ comedy option that's always popular with the convention scene!
  • Book Sam Black for VO panels, appearances, and Q&As
  • Book Bill Bria to MC a panel or Q&A wherever an additional host may be necessary
  • Sam and Bill have a very rich list of contacts in the comedy, anime, comic book, journalism, and film/tv worlds, that can help enhance any programming schedule!
    • A common offer to cons is to book a late night variety cabaret show, that features the best of local or traveling comedians with major convention and/or television credits, huge geeky music acts, and burlesque performances! We have run these events many times and we've yet to have a single one that didn't completely fill the room!

please enjoy this brand new
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This is Pikachu's Lament, a music video made in partnership with Sam & Bill close collaborator, The Living Tombstone, a YouTube based music producer and geek culture influencer with over 3 million subscribers. It is a song about Pokémon in the style of Sting & The Police.

*This video has not yet been publicly released, please do not share it.*