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Formed in 2009, Sam & Bill are an atypical musical comedy duo. Described as "musical comedy for people who hate musical comedy" their goal isn't just making catchy music that makes you laugh, their music strives to make fun of both music and comedy. Tired of the same old dick joke comedy, they decided to try something new; dick joke songs. It's working out pretty well.


Called "The Sexier Simon & Garfunkel" and "Pretty funny for two white dudes," Sam & Bill have shared comedy stages with Tracy Morgan, Dave Attell, Judah Friedlander, and more. They have headlined at Seattle's HIGHlarious Comedy Festival, hosted at the New York Comedy Festival and New Orleans Comedy Arts Festival, opened the 4th annual New York Funny Songs Festival (and won an audience award the following year), and performed at Laughingstock: The Chicago Comedy Rock Festival. They regularly perform to packed audiences at comedy clubs such as Caroline's On BroadwayThe Creek & The CaveThe Stand, and NY Comedy Club. They also sell a lot of T shirts.

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geek culture

Sam & Bill are big sad nerds, and have long been involved with geek culture. In 2016, they had huge performances at Indiana Comic Con and Texancon, in which they played music, performed comedy, hosted panels, and judged talent shows. Sam & Bill are also both guest columnists on geek culture and comedy blogs, like CollegeHumor, Splitsider, and DoomRocket.

where you come in

If you're reading this, it's because we're reaching out for our upcoming tour, The Nicemen Cometh! We are booking dates in NYC, New Haven, Providence, Boston, Burlington, and Montreal. We are looking for venues in New Haven 10/14, Boston 10/15, Providence 10/17 or 18, Burlington 10/19 or 20, and Montreal 10/20-23. Once we have show dates, Sam & Bill can book openers with even bigger credits than us and start promoting!

technical needs

For larger rooms, Sam & Bill need a direct input for one guitar and two microphones. For smaller rooms, two microphones.


Fuck The Audience - Sam & Bill want you to have a good time so bad we will fuck each and every one of you.

The Anthem - We wrote a classic charity anthem for the people who never get charity anthems; straight white males.

The Two-Minute Song - A song that lasts as long as our lovemaking, which it explicitly describes.

I Don't Know What Sex Is - Sam & Bill wrote this musical epic about not knowing what to do with your wiener.

Folk - Sam & Bill always like to open their shows with a simple folk song about folking.

#FeelTheBern - Sam & Bill wrote this Bernie Sanders campaign song on spec but Bernie won't return our calls.