Sam & Bill

*comedy music


Word on the street

Buy This. Just. do it. [...] A master class of comedy music in album form.
— Adam Tilford, Amazon Review
[Sam & Bill are] huge. Apparently also a best seller on Amazon. #ProudIThink
— Jamie Lee Curtis
Please buy the album. But if you can figure out how to support Bill but not Sam, that’d be great for me.
— Jasmine Pierce, Reductress
The term “comedy music” makes me cringe because I find it typically means “bad comedy paired with bad music,” but Sam & Bill pull off the rare feat of writing hilarious jokes AND great songs. Also, they’re not assholes.
Schaffer The Darklord
[My fiancee] spent the whole snowstorm walking around our apartment singing “Yes All Men.” Buy Sam & Bill’s new album [...] if you want to end the battle of the sexes in your household.
— Nick Ruggia, Temple Horses Comedy

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Music Video #1: Yes All Men

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